Text:  Prof. Trögl und Patrick Goff

Unser Englisch-Sprachassistent Patrick GOFF muss aufgrund der Corona-Situation frühzeitig Wien verlassen und zurück nach Albuquerque (USA). Wir bedanken uns für seine großartige Tätigkeit am Goethe-Gymnasium und wünschen ihm eine sichere Heimreise. 
Dear Patrick, Thank you so much for being our language assistant in the last couple of months – it was a great pleasure working with you. Both students and teachers enjoyed your lessons a lot – whether it was about school, gun laws, the American Dream or US elections (Finally we have understood how a caucus works😉) or simply chatting in class…your lessons were always highly interesting and a lot of fun.
We will miss you. Stay safe and healthy and have a safe trip home!
Take care, Goethe-Gym students and staff
Patrick verabschiedet sich mit folgendem Text:
Dear Astgasse students and staff,
First of all, I hope you all are staying healthy and safe in this intense and scary time. I'm sure you all have strong networks of support, and if you need anything, I am happy to help in whatever way that I can.
Unfortunately, I have just been informed that I will no longer be working as a TA and will have to leave Austria as soon as possible. This is incredibly frustrating and disappointing, but I understand that we don't know how the situation will evolve and that this is the best course of action.
Thank you all SO MUCH for welcoming me into your school with such open arms. You all made me feel like I was a part of your school community, and spending time with you all was always the highlight of my day.
And students, you are all so thoughtful, mature, intelligent, and kind, and it has been such a pleasure getting to know you. The old cliché is true - you taught me way more than I could ever teach you!
(When I get back to the US, I will have to be in quarantine for 2 weeks. Maybe I'll use the time to finally learn how to pronounce "Oachkatzlschwoaf"...)
You all are wonderful, brilliant people, and I'm so sad that I don't get to give you all a proper goodbye. Please stay in touch and let me know how everything is going. I would love to hear from you 😊
Auf Wiedersehen and vielen Dank, everybody.
Liebe Grüße,
P.S. If you're taking the Matura this year (if that is still happening...), GOOD LUCK! Let me know if I can help you study in any way!