Class screening "In The Name Of Your Daughter"

Text: Michi, Max (7B), Fotos: Giselle Portenier, Prof. Trögl

Our class 7B had the great opportunity to watch the documentary In The Name Of Your Daughter in school. 

In The Name Of your Daughter is about female genital mutilation (FGM), with some very personal and thus touching stories of Tanzanian girls who were affected by this form of violence. Their stories are told in a special way: we can hear the girls speaking in their language, Swahili, which helps to overcome a certain distance you would normally find in a documentary and makes it easy to connect with them.
After the film screening we had the unique chance to meet the director and producer – Giselle Portenier. We spent almost two hours discussing the film and found out – surprisingly - that FGM is an issue in Europe, even in Austria.
Suddenly the hashtag FGM IS #MYISSUETOO made sense!