8B creative work

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Let’s talk about…gender issues!

Even during a lockdown and homeschooling creative work is possible. After reading Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “Girl” the students of class 8B came up with their own ideas of what it means to be a girl or a boy today.



how to be a girl today

(by Conny, Doro, Michelle)



even though we’re in the 21st century

there are still a lot of things that girls can’t be


they are supposed to be very slim

that’s why they need to hit the gym


what’s also expected is the hour glass figure

and to get the booty bigger and bigger


they’re suffering to get a good look

can’t count how many surgeries they took


in summary, girls should look like kylie jenner

but also have good manner


they should be sweet, should never cheat

and shake their booty to the beat


also pleasing every type of men

standing in the kitchen cooking jam


they have to work hard to shutter the glass ceiling

to finally get a calming feeling


we’re all wondering when all this is gonna stop

or if these gender rules are gonna swap




Be a man

(by Alin, Matthias, Marie, Mila)


Be a man; don’t show emotions; especially don’t cry; be successful; go to work; work harder; stay late; find a wife; build a family; feed them; be strong; focus on your son, not your daughter; be masculine; look masculine; don’t show weakness; talk with certainty; correct others; don’t show too much love towards your wife and kids; learn how to do basic repairs; play football; be interested in sports; talk about nothing else; know car types; be angry; earn your respect; defend your honor; don’t daydream; don’t let others disrespect you or your family; show them who’s the boss; you are allowed to be an asshole; it’s ok to have multiple girls; you don’t have to have manners; drive a car; know how to parallel park; don’t ask for help; don’t show your weakness; be a man.





(By Christian, Simon, Florian, Martha)


Don’t cry; Always be dominant; Don’t wear dresses; Don’t use makeup; Play soccer, not with barbies; Mind yourself a job you can sustain your family; Find yourself a pretty girl; Be interested in maths and not in languages; Paint your room blue not pink; Be brave; Don’t ever cook or do the dishes, instead mow the loan; Know how to change a light bulb; Know how to repair the sink; Know how to use a drill; Know how to change tire; Keep your hair short and be muscular; Don’t be shy and introverted; Be the head of the family; Know how to treat your wife; Know how to treat a woman on a date; Know how to treat a female stranger; Know how to treat a female colleague.



How to be a boy

(by Marko, Sophie, Stefan, Timo)


As the perfect boy

don’t play with a girl like she’s a toy.

If you are feeling sad

better not show your feeling and cry, that’s bad.

Never be a bitch,

better get rich.

Your focus should be on your future aims

and not always playing that stupid video games.

Finally, be the gentleman your mum thought you to be,

it will definitely bring you further in life, you’ll see.