Wirtschaftsenglisch "Meet US"

Text: David Rötgens (8B) 

MEET US-PROGRAMM (Wahlpflichtfach Wirtschaftsenglisch)
On 9th March 2022 our Business English groups were invited to join a Zoom meeting with the US embassy in Vienna.

Political officer Lyle Mikowicz, who has been serving in the US Embassy Vienna Political and Economic Section since July 2020, was kind enough to give us an informative speech followed by a Q&A session. He provided us with a very detailed but still comprehensible insight into the work of the US embassy in Vienna and thoroughly answered all our questions.
We touched upon topical issues such as the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, where he gave us his honest, heartfelt opinions and he also outlined some of the cultural and political differences between Austria and the US.
Text by David Rötgens (8B)

Nähere Informationen zum „Meet U.S.“-Programm - School Outreach Program